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Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

A couple of days ago, Bryntin posted the story of his temporary disconnect with the accepted best practise of getting the most from cycling, namely going outdoors, cycling in beautiful countryside and, 100% of the time, staying upright on the bicycle. Since receiving many plaudits and great sympathy for his condition following this departure, and… Continue reading Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

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Massive Feet Part II

It has now been one calendar month since I regaled you with the story of my feet. There is a link to that story here. To save any of you doing yet another click in your little click-filled internet clicking lives, basically I told everyone how much my feet weighed and announced I was embarking… Continue reading Massive Feet Part II

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Not so Happy Feet.

Today, although without revealing everything (because that's not pretty), I am going to share something that is unusual about me. I have extremely heavy feet.This is 101.4 in kilos. Which is 223.5 pounds. Which is, in ye olde english system of made up numbers from deep and dark history, 15.96 stone. Let's call that 16.… Continue reading Not so Happy Feet.