Lovers and Loathers.

With it being a relatively quiet time in UK politics, what with one PM being nearly out and two possible replacements being not quite in, Bryntin thought he'd see what sort of state the state was in, particularly after the state visit of the President of the United States, for which he had already stated… Continue reading Lovers and Loathers.


Clean Politics

After Barrington Higginbottom's quite frankly useless first attempt at a political report - which is so long ago now that no one remembers it and is frankly not worth clicking on this link to see, even if you are new and have some masochistic curiosity about it - I have decided on a new approach.I… Continue reading Clean Politics

Assorted, Barrington

Barrington’s Politics Report

Good morning, I'm pleased to say Barrington is back with us after hectic and confusing times in the House of Commons. We are probably all looking forward to him giving us all the inside info and getting things explained clearly and concisely so that we can understand it. Photo by Marianna on I'll get… Continue reading Barrington’s Politics Report


Hello Barrington

Hello world>>>>I said hello>>>world I arrived back in my office with two steaming mugs of tea. "What are you doing with my computer Barrington?" "I don't think anyone is there." "There?""There." Barrington sat at my desk, and began spinning around on the office chair in front of the computer, occasionally pointing at the screen as… Continue reading Hello Barrington

Challenges & Prompts, Verse

The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2

Explainer: Open the WordPress Reader.Just below the search box at the top of that are three words that are 'suggested' by an advanced algorithm and Eric (see here). This we call 'Suggestions Of the Day'. SOD. The idea is to use these words in a verse of some kind. And this being my blog, where… Continue reading The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2