Rare FUQ’s

Bryntin has long fancied posting a FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions page and has been waiting patiently for some questions to be asked. Generally the only one he really gets frequently is "What are you doing now?" and comes from Mrs Bryntin. In the absence of any questions, let alone frequent ones, Bryntin decided that… Continue reading Rare FUQ’s


Buckets of Leaks

Photo by Marianna on It's a quiet time for British politics at the moment, what with Parliament in recess for the summer holidays because there's nothing important for them to do for a few weeks. Bryntin thought it would be a good time to contact his highly placed mole (the chandeliers needed dusting), the… Continue reading Buckets of Leaks

Just the Facts

Just the Facts – Candidates Rundown

Welcome to another edition of Just the Facts, a column where I impart information in the form of bullet-pointed factoids that you may use to impress people with your seemingly in-depth knowledge that lasts as long as it takes to charge a phone these days. Please note, although the factoids are bullet-pointed, they cannot be… Continue reading Just the Facts – Candidates Rundown