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Silly SOD for Valentines Day

As a gift straight from my heart, what could be more romantic than a bespoke and specially crafted verse made just for Mrs Bryntin on Valentines Day? Even better, to have it ready a whole day before it's given? And, as a bonus, it won't cost me the price of a card and a meal… Continue reading Silly SOD for Valentines Day

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Silly SOD Verses: Tasty

I have a confession. Often I log in to WordPress and I just take a screenshot of the Suggestion of the Day words, intending to use them to construct a Silly SOD rhyme, perhaps later on that day. Then I forget about it completely. Today is different. Today I've logged in and there they are… Continue reading Silly SOD Verses: Tasty

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The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2

Explainer: Open the WordPress Reader.Just below the search box at the top of that are three words that are 'suggested' by an advanced algorithm and Eric (see here). This we call 'Suggestions Of the Day'. SOD. The idea is to use these words in a verse of some kind. And this being my blog, where… Continue reading The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2