Barrington’s Politics Report

Good morning, I'm pleased to say Barrington is back with us after hectic and confusing times in the House of Commons. We are probably all looking forward to him giving us all the inside info and getting things explained clearly and concisely so that we can understand it. Photo by Marianna on I'll get… Continue reading Barrington’s Politics Report

Assorted, Honestly

The Cranky Curmudgeon Fun Sponge

Daughter: What can I get you for Christmas Dad?Bryntin: Don't worry about it... You know how I am about Christmas.Daughter: Funny socks?Bryntin: No.Daughter: Something smelly?Bryntin:  No.Daughter: Something tasty?Bryntin: Are we still on socks? No. Look, don't worry about it eh? I know you want to but honestly, I'd rather you saved your money for yourself… Continue reading The Cranky Curmudgeon Fun Sponge